Au Petit Goret has earned a privileged place in the industry and an unrivalled reputation as well as a loyal clientele during the past 30 years.

Our transformation plan is HACCP certified and equipped with the latest technology to support the implementation of control programs that insure the quality of our products to satisfy the most demanding markets.  We have an air controlled packaging room that allows us to better manage the purity of the air for a rigorous control of bacteria and hygiene in general.

At Au Petit Goret, research and development play very important roles in the execution of continuous improvement programs and new product development. We are aware of the greater demands and competitiveness of the industry in the meeting of clients and consumers’ demands. Conscientious of this reality, we devote ourselves in the task of offering the best products at competitive prices.

Our products are delivered from our transformation plant directly to the main cities of Canada to be later distributed to supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, hotels and institutions. We also deliver to international markets directly from our plant to different ports abroad.